Walker Creek Trail #3330


Beginning at Lowder Trail #3329 in the Three Sisters Wilderness, Walker Creek Trail #3330 starts on a meadow hillside and begins steeply switching back up the southern side of Lowder Mountain heading north. The trail passes through an old growth conifer forest, reaching an alpine forest type mixed with shortgrass apline meadow. The trail continues north to a meadow at the top of Lower Mountain and just west of Karl and Ruth Lakes. The trail then re-enters the conifer forest and, due to lack of use and overgrowth, is unmaintained from this point to its terminus west at the end of Forest Road 1994 along Walker Creek.

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Difficulty Level: Most Difficult

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Difficulty Level: Most Difficult
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  • Weed Free Feed Required
    To help reduce the spread of invasive species, weed-free feed is required in all Pacific Northwest National Forests.


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1 mile

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