Diamond Peak Trail #3699

This trail is the main north/south trail route on the west side of the Diamond Peak Wilderness. You can access the following trails along the length of Diamond Peak Trail:  

At the northern end of the trail, you can also access Vivian Lake Trail via Diamond Peak Tie Trail. 

Several excellent climbing routes to the summit of Diamond Peak can be make from this trail.

Wildlife is abundant in the forested areas where mountain hemlock and pacific silver fir dominate the forest canopy with occasional mixings of douglas-fir, western white pine, lodgepole pine and noble fir. Numerous openings along the trail give views of Diamond Peak, the southern portion of the Middle Fork Ranger District and Mount Thielson and Mount Bailey.

At a Glance

Permit Info:
Usage: Light
Closest Towns: Oakridge, OR
Information Center: Middle Fork Ranger Station

General Information

General Notes:

map of diamond peak trailThere are no major climbs along the route, however the distance makes for a long hike. Mosquitoes can be ferocious well into the month of July.


Access is from Diamond Peak Trailhead.

Access to :


Day Hiking

Difficulty Level: Moderate


Difficulty Level: Moderate

Horse Riding

Recreation Areas

Recreation Activities



  Area/Length : 
10 miles

  Latitude : 

  Longitude : 

  Elevation : 
4700 feet - 5440 feet