Waldo Shoreline Trail #3590.1

This trail offers the chance to hike directly along the Waldo Lake shoreline. There are many excellent views of the lake and across the lake to various mountain peaks.

  • Starting at North Waldo boat ramp (area is unavailable), a segment of trail follows the Waldo shoreline for about 1 mile before it leaves the lake shore and ties into Jim Weaver Loop Trail #3590 (Waldo Lake Trail). There are some great views of Waldo Lake looking south with Diamond Peak and Fuji Mountain in the background. A portion of trail along the north shore of Waldo Lake was partially burned over during the 1996 Charlton Fire and is dry and dusty with black snags. A segment of trail just west of North Waldo Campground provides access for watering horses.
  • Another segment of this trail, also starting at the North Waldo boat ramp (area is unavailable) follows the east shore of the lake south, passing Islet Campground and ending at the largest beach on the lake. This segment is about 3 miles long.
  • Another segment starting at the junction of the Jim Weaver Loop Trail (Waldo Lake Trail) just south of Shadow Bay follows the east shore of the lake northward passing Shadow Bay boat ramp and Shadow Bay Campground. It ends at a small beach north of Shadow Bay Campground. This segment is about 1 mile long and has some very nice beaches with equally nice view across Waldo Lake to the west and south. There are some picturesque rocky islands along this segment.

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Usage: Heavy
Closest Towns: Crescent Junction, OR
Water: Waldo Lake - requires treatment
Information Center: Middle Fork Ranger Station

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Map of Waldo Shoreline trail

The Shoreline Trail offers a nice family hike for all ages. Mosquitoes can be ferocious until mid summer. Be sure to camp 200 or more feet from the shoreline.

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Difficulty Level: Easy

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  Area/Length : 
5 miles

  Elevation : 
5400 feet