O'Leary Trail Complex

Area Status: Open

Two mountain bikers on a trail through the woodsThis system of trails is open to all non-motorized users and makes for a world class mountain biking trail. The trail is a 22 mile, single-track loop with an intense backcountry feel. The IMBA has designated it an ‘Epic Ride,’ a ride that is “technically and physically challenging, more than 80 percent single track and at least 20 miles in length.”

The most common mountain bike day ride begins with a shuttle to Horsepasture Mountain trailhead. From there, move south on the Olallie Trail to the junction of the O’Leary Trail. Take O’Leary Trail, crossing Forest Road 411 three times, to the Castle Rock Trail. Use the Castle Rock Trail, crossing Forest Road 480, to connect to the King Castle Trail for a final descent to the King Castle trailhead. Though many variations exist, other common options involve starting at the Olallie North trailhead or even riding the entire loop utilizing connecting forest roads.

O’Leary Mtn. Trail #3321 – The trail is 9 miles long, starting at the junction with the Olallie Trail and ending at the O’Leary/Castle Rock trailhead. It starts off with a gradual climb through mountain meadows and coniferous forest, nearly reaching the summit of McLennan Mountain. From McLennan Mountain, the trail drops through a series of corners to a relatively flat section of trail until reaching the base of Macduff Mountain. A steep, rigorous, ¾ mile climb brings you to the summit of Macduff Mountain, known for spectacular views of the Cascades. From here the trail descends for several miles until crossing Forest Road 411. There is 1 mile descent after a slight climb at the start. The trail then crosses Forest Road 411 again and descends for 3 more miles before crossing the 411 road one final time. The trail ends at the Castle Rock/O’Leary trailhead.A person rides a mountain bike down a single track trail

Olallie Trail #3529 – The trail runs from the Pat Saddle trailhead north to the Olallie North trailhead. From the Pat Saddle trailhead, the Olallie Trail climbs for about 1 mile and then follows the ridge toward Horsepasture Mountain trailhead. After passing the Horsepasture Mountain trailhead, the trail descends 3 miles to the Olallie North trailhead. NOTE: Forest Service Road 1993 is closed from the Olallie North Trailhead to Forest Service Road 341. 

Castle Rock Trail #3506 ­– The trail starts on the O’Leary trail near the Castle Rock/O’Leary trailhead. It is relatively level before climbing steeply for several miles. The trail ends at the summit of Castle Rock, which provides splendid views of the McKenzie River Valley and Cascades.

King Castle Trail #4326 – The trail starts at the Castle Rock Trail and ends at the King Castle trailhead. The King Castle Trail descends through ancient forest with very large trees.

Saddle Trail #3326 – The trail starts at the Olallie Trail near Horsepasture Mountain trailhead and descends for 3 miles through tight switchbacks to the East Fork, Upper Trailhead. NOTE: East Fork Trail is a Wilderness trail and it is illegal to mountain bike in designated wilderness areas.

At a Glance

Usage: Light-Medium
Restrictions: It is illegal to mountain bike in congressionally designated wilderness areas.
Closest Towns: McKenzie Bridge, OR
Water: None
Information Center: McKenzie River Ranger District
57600 McKenzie Hwy
McKenzie Bridge, OR 97413

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From Horsepasture Trailhead: From McKenzie Bridge, OR, travel west on Highway 126 to Forest Road 2638 (Horse Creek Road). Travel southeast on Forest Road 2638 to Forest Road 356. Turn right and head southwest up Forest Road 356 to Forest Road 1993. Turn right, traveling along the side of Horsepasture Mountain traveling northwest on Forest Road 1993 to a small pullout on the uphill side at Horsepasture Trailhead.

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  Area/Length : 
22 miles

  Latitude : 

  Longitude : 

  Elevation : 
1200 feet - 5100 feet