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The Pengra Pass area at the west end of Odell Lake offers several options for loops. Starting at Gold Lake Sno-Park, proceed southward 1.1 miles to the intersection with Pengra Pass Road. At this intersection, you can:

  1. Turn right, ski 0.2 miles west to Abernethy Road, turn right again and return to the Sno-Park. This loop covers about 2.4 miles round trip.
  2. Turn right, ski 0.2 miles west to Abernethy Road and follow it west a short distance to where it intersects with the Bechtel Creek Trail. This trail climbs for 1 mile through steep sections (through open areas with nice views) to where it intersects Road 5899.
    • At this junction, follow Road 5899 for about 2 miles to the Gold Lake Sno-Park. Turn left, ski about 0.1 miles to the intersection from the Pacific Crest Trail. From this point, one can return to the Sno-Park via the Pacific Crest Trail and Westview Trail or via Willamette Pass on either the PCT or West Odell Road.
    • By either route, Willamette Pass is about 1.5 miles from Pengra Pass. The West Odell Road is usually plowed and can be skied or walked. From Willamette Pass, walk to the west end of the ski area parking lot. From here, a marked trail leads 1.0 miles west to Gold Lake Road and then 0.1 mile down the road to Highway 58 directly across from the Gold Lake Sno-Park.

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Permit Info: Sno-Park Permit Required
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3 - 4 miles

  Latitude : 

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  Elevation : 
4800 Feet