Waldo Lake Snowmobile Trail

The Waldo Lake snowmobile course is designed to take you from Highway 58 to Waldo Lake and the surrounding area. The trail follows the Waldo Lake Road for 13 miles to North Waldo Campground. From there, you can make a loop, which follows the Taylor Burn Road north to the junction of the Irish Taylor Road. [Please note that motorized use on the Taylor Burn Road is allowed only along the road corridor to protect wilderness values.] Here, it turns east past Irish, Taylor and Little Cultus Lakes to Century Drive, approximately 13 miles. To return to Waldo Lake Road, go south on Century Drive for 5 miles to Forest Service Road 4290 (Charlton Lake Road). It is about 8 miles from there to Waldo Road.

The route includes several side tours and play areas. Shadow Bay, a 2-mile trip from the Waldo Road, provides views of South Waldo and Mt. Ray. Islet Campground, another 2-mile trip, offers excellent views looking west across Waldo Lake. Travel north for approximately 12 miles to Century Drive and this will take you to Elk Lake. Elk Lake makes a great stop for food and gas is usually available.

Another good ride is to Crescent Lake Junction, about 50 miles from the Waldo area. Follow Waldo Road for about 11 miles to Charlton Lake Road and proceed east for about 9 miles to Century Drive. Travel south about 25 miles to Road 4672 (Royce Mountain Road) and follow signs to the Royce Mountain Sno-Park. Gas and food is available nearby at Crescent Lake Junction. For more information on snowmobile routes in this area, contact the Crescent Ranger District (541-433-2234).

Snow conditions have a big affect on the amount of gas you use. Remember to plan your trip accordingly. The only gas stops near this route are at Elk Lake and Crescent Lake Junction. There are many different routes that can get you to your destination, so make sure you have a good map with you.

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Permit Info: Sno-Park Permit Required
Information Center: Middle Fork Ranger District



Difficulty Level: Easy to More Difficult

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  Area/Length : 
40 Miles

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  Elevation : 
4499 feet