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Forest Products Lab

The Forest Products Laboratory is Nation's only federally funded wood utilization research laboratory. The Forest Products Lab is located in Madison, Wisconsin and employs around 60 research scientists. These scientists are primarily or partly responsible for many of today's wood-based technologies, including wood preservatives, glulam beams, oriented strandboard, and fiber-based packaging. Read more about the Forest Products Lab here.

Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory (Firelab)

The Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory is a facility in Missoula, Montana that touts a 66-foot-high combustion chamber that allows for burn tests in controlled conditions. The Firelab has a unique focus on developing a greatyer understanding of wildland fire and using the best technology available to get that knowledge into the hands of fire managers. The Firelab complex has expanded to include a wind tunnel, combustion chamber, and emissions lab, ecophysiology, tree ring and fuels lab, as well as soils, metals, welding, electronics and instrumentation facilities. To learn more about the Firelab, check it out here.