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Great American Outdoors Act

Did you know? The Great American Outdoors Act gave the USDA Forest Service new opportunities to deliver benefits to the American public through major investments in recreation infrastructure, public lands access, and land and water conservation.

Great American Outdoors Act

The USDA Forest Service is moving forward with implementation of the Great American Outdoors Act, which will enable federal land managers to take aggressive steps to address deferred maintenance and infrastructure projects on national forests and grasslands through 2025.

The Forest Service will use these funds to maximize the benefits experienced by millions of Americans who visit and use their national forests. Projects funded by this act will focus on improving conditions on forest and rangelands, reducing wildfire risk, and increasing the resiliency of our nation’s forests for present and future generations.

The following research stations have been selected to receive FY2022 grant funding under the Great American Outdoors Act, for the following projects:


Project Research Station State Project Description
Historic Fort Valley Headquarters Utility Systems, Parking, and Pathway Replacement Rocky Mountain Research Station AZ

To improve the quality experience of visiting scientist, students, and the general public, this project will replace the natural gas and water distribution systems at the historic Fort Valley Headquarters, including reconstructing the parking and vehicle ways, along with accessible paths. The improvements allow for more diverse groups to experience and understand of the national forest. In addition, this enables researchers to provide land managers tools to improve forest resilience that allows for improved forest productivity while reducing wildfire risk and improve recreation opportunities. The improvements will allow for safe drinking water, safe gas distribution, and safe movement of people on the site. This will provide jobs through contract work.

Fraser Water Quality Research Weir Rehabilitation Rocky Mountain Research Station CO The rehabilitation research weirs, basins, and gauging stations on the Fraser Experimental Forest are needed to ensure critical research data can continue to be collected on impacts of land management decisions, recreational activities, and changes in climate have on water quality and quantity that are used for recreational, agricultural, and drinking water use throughout intermountain west. Failure of these structures pose safety risk to the growing number of recreationists at or near these weirs, along with drinking water supplies for communities. Installation of interpretive signs along weirs to help public understand benefits of the research.
Southwest Forestry Sciences Complex Reroofing Rocky Mountain Research Station AZ The replacement of the failing Southwest Forestry Sciences Lab provides for a safe place for researchers, and students to produce high quality scientific data that influences land management decisions on how best to boost the production in resource use while enhancing wildfire resistance and recreational opportunities. The project will stimulate the economy through the use of local contractors
Priest River Headquarters Water System Replacement Rocky Mountain Research Station ID To improve the quality experience of visiting scientist, students, and the general public, this project will replace the water distribution system and storage tanks to provide reliable and safe water at the historic Priest River Experimental Forest Headquarters, as well as improvements to the parking areas. The improvements provide for educational opportunities for teach future generations the value of our natural resources and encourage them to actively get in the great outdoors. In addition, more visiting scientist will be able to come to perform research on how land management activities can boost the productivity of the land while enhancing or at least maintaining the recreational experience. This project will provide jobs through contract work.
Sierra Ancha Headquarters Water System Distribution Replacement Rocky Mountain Research Station AZ This project will provide reliable potable water for use by researchers, visiting scientists, students, and others to pursue research on land management activities in the Southwest that influence boosting productivity and wildfire resistance while allowing for more recreational opportunities. This project will provide jobs through contract work to the local communities.
Manitou Experimental Forest Reroofing of Historic Buildings Rocky Mountain Research Station CO The reroofing of the six historic buildings provide scientist, students, visitors, and public, a safe place to work and visit. These facilities support the research on how to integrate enhanced productivity of forest lands that are more wildfire resilient in highly recreationally used environment. The facilities facilitate the conveyance of current knowledge to land managers as well as safe and appropriate places for the public to recreate at. The project will provide jobs to the local contractors, while assisting land managers in creating jobs through research knowledge.
Corvallis Lab ABA Restroom Renovations Pacific Northwest Research Station OR This facility is home to world class research in tree genetics, invasive species and water chemistry was well as being the home to U.S. Geological Survey researchers, Oregon State University researchers, and the Siuslaw National Forest. Work at this site helps the public and private landowners recover from fires and grow more resilient forests. These help to inform forest management decisions that can lead to greater land available for public use. Also, this building’s unique location on Oregon State University’s campus next to the College of Forestry allows us to attract visitors and collaborators to learn about the Forest Service mission. These renovations will sustain and enhance world class research and reduce deferred maintenance.
Potable Water System Replacement at Hollis Shared with Local School Pacific Northwest Research Station AK The potable water system is shared with a local school and provides water to the Maybeso Administrative site. This project replaces the existing old, dilapidated potable water system with new potable water system that meets the Safe Water Drinking Act. Information from this site is used to help formulate strategies for fire, timber management, wildlife, and fish. These management strategies are used throughout southeast Alaska and helps to increase timber harvest, protect salmon, and helps the Tongass National Forest provide greater experiences for all visitors.
Renovate Historical San Dimas Experimental Forest Pacific Southwest Research Station CA The location and pristine nature of the environment in a large urban area uniquely position the San Dimas Experimental Forest to lead science related to recreation and watersheds. The experimental forest was considered an "object of interest" for its historical value in the Proclamation that established the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument. The initial project includes the repair and renovation of 18.3 miles of trails and parking areas, followed by a site survey, site assessment, evaluation, and design for the site's comprehensive rehabilitation. The plan will provide for a safe and potable water system, expansion of the septic system, roof, siding and repairs to barracks, cooking and dining facilities, and improved road access.
Pedestrian Bridge Replacement Forest Products Lab WI Pedestrian bridge replacement for accessible and smooth entrance into the facility for visitors for an enhanced customer experience, where they will gain knowledge about options for boosting the productivity of underutilized wood resources for the nations forest land that would reduce the wildland fire risk and provide for an improved recreational experience. In addition, researchers can work with partners to develop products such fuels, chemicals, and nanoscale materials that will create jobs in rural communities to promote conservation and heathy forest. Project will allow demonstration of how construction debris and waste paper can be recovered and reused. The project can be implemented within 60 days of receipt of funds through Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business contract.