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Cassandra L. Olson

Forest Inventory & Analysis
1992 Folwell Ave
St. Paul, MN 55108
United States
Current Research

I conduct remote sensing to determine land uses for FIA plots. A plot that is determined to be forested (1 acre or more of continuous forest land) gets sent to the field foresters for ground measurements. This information is loaded into the FIA database once it is edited and is ready for use by our scientists and public and private users.

I am also involved with a team that has developed techniques for remote sensing efforts for Urban data collection in our region. This program has rapidly grown over the past 7 years as the Forest Service's interests have expanded beyond traditional forestland surveys. For more information about this program and other research conducted by FIA, go to:

Past Research

In the past, I have acted as one of the coordinators for the Northern Research Station's P3 (formerly Forest Health Monitoring) Vegetation Indicator. I conducted training for field crews, did data collection where needed, and performed Quality Assurance checks in the field. I have also filled a similar role in FIA's invasive species' data collection efforts.

Research Interest

Invasive species' effects on forests and forest edge habitats.

Why This Research Is Important

As part of the data collection side of the FIA unit, I take responsibility for ensuring plot information sent to our field foresters is accurate so plots can be found easily and data collected in a timely manner.

Collecting quality data in our forests, whether it be tree data, vegetation data, or invasive vegetation data is important in ensuring accurate and consistent monitoring. I believe my efforts at the front end of FIA are crucial to quality data collection.

  • University Of Minnesota - Twin Cities, B.S., Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, 1998
  • North Hennepin Community College., A.A., Liberal Arts, 1996
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