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Ashley Van Beusekom

International Institute of Tropical Forestry
Jardin Botanico Sur, 1201 Calle Ceiba
San Juan, PR 00926
United States
Other Publications
Research Highlights

Climate space for fire occurrence and extent in Puerto Rico

Year: 2018
The cumulative effect of small frequent fires found in the Caribbean can shape large landscapes. Relationships between weather patterns and the likelihood of these fires can help understand the implications of climate change

A 42 year inference of cloud base height trends in the Luquillo Mountains of northeastern Puerto Rico

Year: 2018
Cloud base altitude has been found to be increasing in the late rainfall season at the Luquillo Mountains

Hurricane Maria in the U.S. Caribbean: Disturbance Forces, Variation of Effects, and Implications for Future Storms

Year: 2018
Landscape-wide models could be useful at predicting effects of hurricanes on vegetation greenness loss and landslide occurrence

Precipitation and Temperature Trends Along an Elevation Gradient in Northeastern Puerto Rico Examined

Year: 2015
Forest Service researchers studied climatic trends along an elevation gradient in northeastern Puerto Rico. Study results showed that differing patterns of precipitation and temperature change through time, across seasons, and with elevational position. Elevational gradients should be further explo...