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Brice Hanberry

Brice Hanberry
Research Ecologist
Maintaining Resilient Dryland Ecosystems
8221 Mt. Rushmore Rd.
Rapid City, SD 57702
United States
Current Research

I am a Research Ecologist with the Maintaining Resilient Dryland Ecosystems program of the Rocky Mountain Research Station. My interests include understanding ecosystems under different drivers and integrating ecosystem changes with ecosystem and wildlife management at multiple scales across many extents. Current research involves historical ecosystems of open forests maintained by fire, tree biomass simulations under climate change, and juniper tree encroachment in grasslands and shrublands.

Past Research
My past research ranges across many topics, including forests, wildlife, fire, and climate during postgraduate work at University of Missouri and graduate work at Mississippi State University.
Research Interest
Analysis and management of disturbance effects including fire and fire exclusion, climate change, and land use on terrestrial ecosystems, natural resources, and wildlife at multiple scales, with particular focus on open oak and pine ecosystems. Oak and pine savannas and woodlands are part of a continuum between grasslands and closed forests. The unique bipartite characteristics of grasslands with a tree overstory are not recognized and therefore, undervalued for conservation and management.
Why This Research Is Important
Open forests and grasslands have decreased by >98% in the eastern US, while in the Great Plains and western US, open forests and grasslands also have decreased. Birds, pollinators, plants, and other associated species have decreased with habitat loss and fragmentation at landscape scales, and degradation within remnants.
  • Mississippi State University, Ph.D., Forest Resources, 2007
  • Southern Illinois University, M.A., Biological Sciences, 2003
Professional Experience
  • Research Associate,  University of Missouri,  2008 - 2016
Featured Publications
Other Publications
Research Highlights

Energy Development in the Great Plains

Year: 2020
U.S. coal, oil, natural gas, and wind energy are concentrated in the grassland states. As energy demand continues to increase, increasing pressure will be placed on North American grassland systems. This study reviewed and summarized the extent and ecological effects of energy development and produc...

New Products Improve National Response to Drought on Rangelands

Year: 2020
The epic droughts of 2018 in the Southwestern U.S. devastated landscapes and economies alike. The Rangeland Production Monitoring Service was used to help the Natural Resources Conservation Service and Farm Service Agency identify the most affected areas and seek emergency funding to facilitate re-s...

Plateaus Science Synthesis: A Scientific Foundation for Future Land Management Planning

Year: 2020
The Northeastern California plateaus bioregion science synthesis (Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-409) has a northeastern California focus on sagebrush rangeland, dry pine forestland, juniper forests, habitat and wildlife, society, and response to disturbances, particularly those related to climate.