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Bret C. Harvey

Research Fish Biologist, Team Leader
Conservation of Biodiversity Program
1700 Bayview Drive
Arcata, CA 95521
United States
Research Interest
  • Relationships between stream fishes and habitat features such as depth, cover, sediment conditions, and barriers to fish movement.
  • Biotic interactions within stream food webs, and the dependence of these interactions on habitat
  • The success and effects of introduced fishes in streams
  • University of Oklahoma, Ph.D., Zoology, 1987
  • University of California, M.S., Ecology, 1982
  • University of California, B.S., Wildlife and Fisheries Biology, 1980
Other Publications
Research Highlights

Evaluating habitat restoration plans with a novel fish population model

Year: 2017
The ability to forecast the consequences of alternative habitat restoration plans for highly valued resources is a critical need of the Forest Service and other resource management agencies. This research project included development and application of a novel model of anadromous fish that addresse...

Modeling Potential River Management Conflicts Between Frogs and Salmonids

Year: 2016
The Forest Service participates in the management of many regulated rivers that, while providing clean water to people, also support populations of threatened frogs and fish that can respond differently to alternative flow regimes. A novel modeling effort provides an objective, process-based approac...

Balancing Potentially Conflicting Demands: Fish and Frogs in Regulated Rivers

Year: 2015
Regulated rivers in California and beyond provide critical habitat for multiple threatened species, including various salmonid fishes and foothill yellow-legged frog. The life histories and habitat requirements of these species, along with additional uses of regulated rivers, create great potential ...

Trout Populations Benefit From Novel Model That Examines Fragmented Habitat

Year: 2012
Research helps set priorities for restoring connectivity of stream networks