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Bridgett Naylor

GIS Analyst
Ecological Process and Function
1401 Gekeler Lane
La Grande, OR 97850-3368
United States
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Aboveground and belowground herbivores control growth and survival of deciduous shrubs in understories of conifer forests

Year: 2017
These research results on the combined effects of herbivory by cattle, elk, and pocket gophers provide robust new knowledge about how mammalian eating habits affect understory vegetation in dry coniferous forests following fuels reduction and prescribed burning.

Fuels Reduction and Ungulate Grazing Effects on Exotic Plant Species are Short-lived in Upland Forest Understories

Year: 2015
Disturbances of fire and domestic ungulates have been shown to facilitate the spread and establishment of exotic plant species in many grassland and shrubland ecosystems across the world; however, these relationships are not well-documented for forested ecosystems, especially dry forests of interior...