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Brian Lewis

Resource Monitoring and Assessment
620 SW Main, Suite 400
Portland, OR 97205-3028
United States
Current Research

My current work is with the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) Region. As a member of the Data Collection Team, I work to implement the program's field data collection protocol. Our Data Collection Team provides high quality data safely and efficiently by visiting research sites across the Pacific Northwest. We serve a vital role in meeting the Pacific Northwest Region's Forest Inventory needs through a collaborative and a supportive network of FIA focused teams within the PNW Research Station's Resource Monitoring and Assessment Program. FIA is a long-term forest monitoring project which began with an act of Congress in 1928 (McSweeney-McNary Forest Research Act). Since that time FIA has grown and adapted to meet changing needs, however its core mission has remained the same: to report on the current status and trends of the Nation's forest resources. We accomplish this through the use of a three phase inventory system. Our work is primarily in the second and third phases in which field crews are deployed to visit plot locations on the ground and collect a broad suite of ecological data. Each part of the inventory- data collection, processing, and analysis- is covered by an extensive quality assurance and control program and FIA is well known as a provider of consistent, high quality data. FIA produces a wide variety of data products, all of which are publicly available. Our data set is published online and is freely available to anyone interested in our Nation's forest resources. FIA's data are used for a multitude of projects; for example: forest planning, non-native species monitoring, fire modeling, biomass availability studies, assessment of fuels reduction strategy, and growth, yield, and mortality monitoring across the landscape.