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Carolyn T. Hunsaker

Scientist Emerita
Ecosystem Function and Health Program
2081 E. Sierra Avenue
Fresno, CA 93710-4639
United States
Current Research
  • The Kings River Experimental Watershed (KREW) is being developed to: (1) quantify the variability in characteristics of stream ecosystems and their associated watersheds in the southern Sierra Nevada; and (2) evaluate the effects of forest management (prescribed fire and uneven-aged, small group tree thinning) on the physical, chemical, and biological components of stream ecosystems.
  • Forest Structure from Remotely Sensed Imagery. Radar and laser altimetry (Lidar) are being investigated for their ability to characterize forest structure at multiple spatial scales. Such data could be used for monitoring changes in forests and for describing habitat for organisms such as owls, goshawks, and fisher.
Past Research
The Kings River Sustainable Forest Ecosystem Project was established in 1994 to investigate the use of management tools, prescribed fire and uneven-aged, small group tree thinning, for creating a landscape mosaic that mimics the historical distribution of vegetation resulting from frequent, low-intensity fires prevalent before European settlement of the West. It is a joint effort between Pacific Southwest Research Station and the Sierra National Forest. Several long-term research studies exist within the Project: California spotted owl demographic study (11 years), forest bird study (7 years), and Kings River Experimental watershed (KREW) study (2 years).
Research Interest

My general research interests are in (1) stream ecosystems and watersheds and (2) landscape ecology.

In the future, I plan to continue examining ecosystems holistically at the watershed scale, rather than as a series of disparate parts. I also will be evaluating approaches to managing forests that are subjected to multiple stressors, such as climate change and air pollution.

  • University of California, D.Env., Doctor of Environmental Science and Engineering, 1980
  • Loma Linda University, M.A., Biology, 1976
  • Pacific Union College, B.S., Biology, 1974
Professional Organizations
  • Senior Ecologist,  Ecological Society of America,  1993 - current
  • Qualified Environmental Professional,  Institute of Professional Environmental Practice,  1994 - current
  • Member,  American Geophysical Union,  Current
  • Member,  Association for Women in Science,  Current
  • Member,  Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society,  Current
  • Member,  American Institute of Biological Sciences,  Current
  • Member,  Water Environment Federation,  Current
  • Member,  Ecological Society of America,  Current
  • Member,  International Association for Landscape Ecology,  Current
Awards & Recognition
  • Award, 1997
    YWCA Tribute to Women Award in science and technology, Knoxville, TN,
  • Award, 1997
    Distinguished and Sustained Scientific Contributions Award, East Tennessee Chapter of Association for Women in Science
  • Award, 1994
    Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Technical Achievement Award
  • Award, 1991
    Service Award, Water Pollution Control Federation
  • Award, 1987
    Distinguished Service Award, East Tennessee Chapter of Association for Women in Science
Other Publications