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Daniel 'Tyler' Roman

Daniel 'Tyler' Roman
Northern Forest Science and Applications
1831 Highway 169 East
Grand Rapids, MN 55744
United States
Current Research
My work is largely focused on the fluxes of greenhouse gases (CO2,H2O and CH4) between ecosystems and the atmosphere using the Eddy Covariance (EC) method.  My primary site is the Bog Lake Peatland, which is categorized as a poor fen and is located in the Marcell Experimental Forest (MEF) in northern Minnesota.  This site has a 10+ year history of EC fluxes and was one of the first peatland sites where CH4 flux measurements were conducted in the early 1990's.   I'm also involved in the data collection and archiving for various datasets from other watersheds within the MEF.

In addition to my work in northern peatlands, I'm also heavily involved in the research at a tropical peatland site in the Amazonian region of Peru.  This site is unique in that these tropical peatlands are understudied and relatively poorly understood.  This work is part of the Sustainable Wetlands Adaptation and Mitigation Program (SWAMP), which is coordinated by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), the USDA Forest Service (USFS) and Oregon State University with support from the US Agency for International Development (USAID).
  • Indiana University, M.S. Environmental Science, Applied Ecology, 2012
  • Indiana University, Masters Of Public Affairs, Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management, 2012
  • Indiana University, B.S. Environmental Science, Ecosystem Science, 2011
Professional Experience
  • Site Manager/Research Technician,  Indiana University,  2012 - 2015
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