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Dan M. Jimenez

Research Mechanical Engineer
Fire, Fuel and Smoke
5775 Highway 10 West
Missoula, MT 59808
United States
Current Research
My research has included studies on heat transfer and fluid flow model development and validation used to predict incident heat, temperature, wind profiles, and fire effects on forest landscapes, vegetation and soil types. In collaboration with scientists at the Fire Lab and elsewhere, I have worked on the development and delivery of computer software to support fire and fuels managers, including the soil heating component of FOFEM (a First Order Fire Effects Model), FireStem (a physics based tree mortality model), and WindWizard (a gridded wind profile model). In addition, I work with fellow lab engineers and technicians to design, develop and fabricate field instrumentation used for data collection on prescribed and wildland fires. My research projects include: First Order Fire Effects Model (FOFEM), FireStem and WindWizard.
  • Rutgers University, B.S., Chemical Engineering,
  • Washington State University, M.S., Civil/Environmental Engineering,
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