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John Kim

John Kim
Research Biological Scientist
Western Wildland Environmental Threat Assessment
3200 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331-8550
United States
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Tracking Variation in California’s Santa Ana Winds to Improve Fire-Risk Modeling

Year: 2020
With a topography marked by mountain passes and canyons, fire behavior is challenging to predict in southern California, particularly when driven by strong Santa Ana winds. Scientists analyzed wind speed and direction—critical information for predicting fire spread—on days when fires ignite, both du...

Assessing Climate Change Vulnerability of Tribally Important Ecosystem Services

Year: 2020
Climate change is affecting tribally important ecosystem goods and services, including food, water, medicine, spiritual needs, and cultural identity. Working with tribal stakeholders, USDA Forest Service scientists demonstrate a generalizable approach to identify tribally important species and resou...