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James Cronan

Threat Characterization and Management
400 N 34th St., Suite 201
Seattle, WA 98103-8600
United States
Why This Research Is Important

Wildfires in the western United States have been burning increasingly large amounts of land over the past three decades. This trend is changing ecosystem properties, and along with expansion of the wildland urban interface, has increased exposure of people to wildfires. These trends are problematic because more frequent fires in populated areas can increase risks to human life and property, while changes to ecosystems from greater area burned are often undesirable. Using scientific research to understand the dynamic interaction between fires and vegetation can help resource professionals address these problems by managing fire to minimize threats to firefighters and surrounding wildland urban interface communities and increasing positive benefits to the environment.

  • Yale University, M.S. Forest Science, Fire Ecology, 2006
  • University of Vermont, B.S. Environmental Science, Conservation Biology, 1999
Professional Organizations
  • Member,  Association of Fire Ecology,  2014 - Current
  • President,  Society for Ecological Restoration - University of Washington Chapter,  2015 - 2016
Other Publications