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Joseph Donnegan

Joseph Donnegan
Deputy Program Manager
Resource Monitoring and Assessment
620 SW Main, Suite 502
Portland, OR 97205-3028
United States
  • University of Colorado, Ph.D. Geography, Forest Dynamics, Disturbance, and Fire History, 2000
  • University of Missouri, M.S. Natural Resources, Forest Ecology, Post-Fire Successional Dynamics, 1996
  • University of Colorado, B.A. Biology, B.A. Environmental Conservation, Dendrochronology applications for fire history and climate, 1992
  • University of Wyoming, B.A. Business/Communications In Organizations, General Business Management and Communications, 1987
Featured Publications
Citations of Non-Forest Service Publications
  • Donnegan, J.A. and A.J Rebertus. 1999. Rates and mechanisms of subalpine forest succession along an environmental gradient. Ecology, 80(4): 1370-1384.

  • Donnegan, J.A., T.T. Veblen and J. Sibold. 2001. Human and climatic influences on fire regimes in the Pike National Forest region, Colorado. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 31:1526-1539.

  • Donnegan, J.A. 2002. Assessing temporal trends in Forest Inventory and Analysis data: Applications to Criteria and Indicators. Pages 233-244 in A.C. Johnson, R.W. Haynes, and R.A. Monserud, editors. Congruent Management of Multiple Resources: Proceedings from the Wood Compatibility Initiative Workshop. General Technical Report PNW-GTR-563. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station, Portland, OR.

  • Veblen, T.T., and J.A. Donnegan. 2005. Historical range of variability for forest vegetation of the National Forests of the Colorado Front Range. Final Report: USDA Forest Service Agreement 1102-0001-99-033 with University of Colorado, Boulder USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Region, Golden, CO. 151 pp.