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Jens Stevens

Jens Stevens
Nat'l Program Lead, Wildland Fire and Fuels Research
Sustainable Forest Management Research
201 14th Street SW
Mailstop 1115
Washington, DC 20250
United States
  • University of California Davis, Ph.D, Ecology, 2014
  • University of Vermont, M.S., Plant Biology, 2008
  • Carleton College, B.A., Biology, 2006
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Citations of Non-Forest Service Publications
  • Moore, Ian B.; Collins, Brandon M.; Foster, Daniel E.; Tompkins, Ryan E.; Stevens, Jens T.; Stephens, Scott L. 2021. Variability in wildland fuel patches following high-severity fire and post-fire treatments in the northern Sierra Nevada. International Journal of Wildland Fire. 30(12): 921-932.
  • Collins, Brandon M.; Bernal, Alexis; York, Robert A.; Stevens, Jens T.; Juska, Andrew; Stephens, Scott L. 2021. Mixed-conifer forest reference conditions for privately owned timberland in the southern Cascade Range. Ecological Applications. 31(7): e02400.
  • Stevens, Jens T.; Kling, Matthew M.; Schwilk, Dylan W.; Varner, J. Morgan; Kane, Jeffrey M.; Gillespie, Thomas. 2020. Biogeography of fire regimes in western U.S. conifer forests: A trait-based approach. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 29(5): 944-955.
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  • Stephens, Scott L; Stevens, Jens T; Collins, Brandon M; York, Robert A; Lydersen, Jamie M. 2018. Historical and modern landscape forest structure in fir (Abies)-dominated mixed conifer forests in the northern Sierra Nevada, USA. Fire Ecology. 14(2): 7.
  • Fry, Danny L.; Stevens, Jens T.; Potter, Andrew T.; Collins, Brandon M.; Stephens, Scott L. 2018. Surface fuel accumulation and decomposition in old-growth pine-mixed conifer forests, northwestern Mexico. Fire Ecology. 14(2): 6.
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