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John J. Keane

John J. Keane
Research Ecologist
Conservation of Biodiversity Program
1731 Research Park
Davis, CA 95618
United States
Current Research
With my research colleagues we investigate questions concerning habitat relationships, demography, interspecific interactions, and the environmental and physical factors that determine the distribution and abundance of animal species and assemblages. This basic knowledge of natural history provides the ecological context for assessing the effects of anthropogenic influences, ranging from site-specific to ecoregional spatial scales. In turn this information contributes to ecoregional assessments and planning efforts requiring knowledge of management, conservation, and restoration priorities. In recent years I have focused on assessing vulnerability risk across the vertebrate species assemblage in the Sierra Nevada ecoregion, conducting studies of raptors (i.e., hawks, owls, falcons, eagles, vultures), both in the Sierra Nevada and across California, and on the development of ecoregional management and monitoring plans for the Sierra Nevada. Our research on Sierran vertebrate assemblages has focused on development of methods using information on population size, trend, distribution, range change, habitat associations, and other life history characteristics to assess the vulnerability of species to future population decline and extinction risk. The goal of this work is to provide objective and defensible methods for prioritizing species for conservation, research, and monitoring. Raptor studies are focused on the status, distribution, migration, habitat relationships, demography, population trends, monitoring, and response to management of species across California, with particular emphasis on California spotted owls and northern goshawks. In addition to basic and applied research in these topic areas, I am also interested in the development of integrative, multi-disciplinary ecoregional assessments and in the development and testing of monitoring designs to assess the effects of management.
Research Interest
My research interests are focused on the ecology, conservation, and management of species and systems.
  • University of California, Ph.D., Ecology, 1999
  • University of California, M.S., Wildland Resources Science, 1991
  • San Francisco State University, B.S., Zoology, 1986
Other Publications