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Jackson M. Leonard

Jackson M. Leonard
Research Ecologist
Air, Water and Aquatic Environments
2500 South Pine Knoll Dr.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001-6381
United States
Current Research
Currently I am the Scientist In-Charge at the Sierra Ancha Experimental Forest where I help carry on the legacy of long-term vegetation, hydrology and climatology research.  I am also involved in the Bonita Peak Mining District Superfund Project focusing on the impacts of legacy mining activities on stream function.
Past Research
Sierra Ancha Experimental Forest, Atmospheric Monitoring Network, 2007-present; Dude Fire Recovery Project 2001-Present; Verde River T&E Fish Survey and Habitat Classification Project 2006-present; Southwestern Borderlands Project, Prescribed Fire Study, 2006-present; Verde River Research Project 2000-present
Research Interest
Stream Ecology, Fire Ecology, Ecosystem response to disturbance, Abondoned mine land remediation, Rangeland Ecology
  • Northern Arizona University, Ph.D., Biology, 2015
  • NREMT, Emt-B And Wilderness First Responder, Certified as an Emergency Medical Technician Basic and Wilderness First Responder, 2009
  • Northern Arizona University, M.S., Forest Science, 2007
  • Northern Arizona University, B.S., Biology, 2002
Professional Experience
  • Ecologist,  Rocky Mountan Research Station, Flagstaff,  2007 - Current
    I serve as the Scientist-in-Charge at the Sierra Ancha Experimental Forest. I am responsible for implementing and managing research at all levels including field work, equipment installation, and data management/analysis. As a collaborator in the Bonita Peak Mining District Remediation Project I conduct aquatic habitat inventories and fish surveys to determine the potential for abandoned mine land remediation in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado. Cooperating agencies include San Juan National Forest, U.S. Geological Survey, Environmental Protection Agency and the Bureau of Land Management. As part of my graduate program I conducted research on the long-term recovery of vegetation and aquatic habitat after the Dude Fire which burned in 1990. I have acted as field manager for Verde River Project, conducting threatened and endangered fish surveys and habitat classification along the upper reaches of the river. I also served as project manager for the Southwest Borderlands Project which looked at the role of prescribed fire in the oak/grassland savannahs of southern Arizona.
  • Bological Science Technician,  Rocky Mountain Research Station, Flagstaff,  2004 - 2007
    During this period I served as a research support technician for the Southwest Watershed Project and completed my graduate work on the long-term recovery of upland vegetation after high-severity wildfire.
  • Wildland Firefighter, Type 1 Hotshot Crew,  U.S. Forest Service, Prescott National Forest,  2003 - 2003
    Member of the Prescott Hotshot Crew
  • Biological Science Technician,  Rocky Mountatin Research Station, Flagstaff,  1999 - 2002
    During this period I worked part-time as a research support technician while I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology.
Professional Organizations
  • Resource Unit Leader,  U.S. Forest Service,  2009 - Current
  • Society for Range Management,  2005 - 2008
  • Association of Fire Ecology,  2005 - Current
Awards & Recognition
  • Early Career Scientist Publication Award, 2018
    Annual award given by the Rocky Mountain Research Station in recognition of the best publication by a new scientist.
  • Certificate of Merit, 2016
    For efforts to improve science, safety and infrastructure at Sierra Ancha Experimental Forest
  • Certificate of Appreciation, 2010
    Bestowed by the Pueblo of Santa Clara for work done supporting firefighting efforts during the South Fork Fire
  • Certificate of Merit, 2006
    Outstanding work on the Verde River Project
Other Publications
Citations of Non-Forest Service Publications
  • Leonard, J.M., H.A. Magana, R.K. Bangert, D.G. Neary and W.L. Montgomery. 2017. Fire and Floods: The Recovery of Headwater Stream Systems Following High-Severity Wildfire. Journal of the Association of Fire Ecology.

    Neary, D.G. and J.M. Leonard. 2015. Wildland Fire: Impacts on Forest, Woodland, and Grassland Ecological Processes. In António José Bento Gonçalves and António Avelino Batista Vieira (Eds.) Wildland Fires: A Worldwide Reality, pp. 35-112. Hauppauge, New York. Nova Science Publishers.

  • Leonard, J.M., A.L. Medina, D.G. Neary, and A. Tecle. 2015. The influence of parent material on vegetation response 15 years after the Dude Fire, Arizona. Forests6(3), 613-635.