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Katie M. Ohno

Katie M. Ohno
Research Biologist
Durability and Wood Protection Research
One Gifford Pinchot Drive
Madison, WI 53726
United States
Current Research
  • Fungal decay of treated wood
  • Mechanisms of copper-tolerant decay fungi
  • Coatings
  • Durability of CLT


Bobadilha, Gabrielly dos Santos; Stokes, C. Elizabeth; Ohno, Katie M.; Kirker, Grant; Lopes, Dercilio Junior Verly; Nejad, Mojgan. 2021. Physical, Optical, and Visual Performance of Coated Cross-Laminated Timber during Natural and Artificial Weathering. Coatings. 11(2): 252. Bobadilha, Gabrielly S.; Stokes, C. Elizabeth; Kirker, Grant; Ahmed, Sheikh Ahmed; Ohno, Katie M.; Junior Verly Lopes, Dercilio. 2020. Effect of exterior wood coatings on the durability of cross-laminated timber against mold and decay fungi. BioResouces. 15(4): 8420-8433. Gibbons, Michael J.; Nikafshar, Saeid; Saravi, Tina; Ohno, Katie; Chandra, Sanjeev; Nejad, Mojgan. 2020. Analysis of a wide range of commercial exterior wood coatings. Coatings. 10(11): 1013. 19 p. Kirker, G.T.; Ohno, K.M.; Arango, R.A.; Mankowski, M.E. 2021. Overview and progress of FPL research into mass timber durability. In: Proceedings of the 117th annual meeting of the American Wood Protection Association. Vol. 117. Nashville, TN. July 27-29, 2021. Birmingham, AL: AWPA: 133-138.
Research Interest

Research interests include:

1. Mechanisms of fungal tolerance to in-service wood preservatives
2. Understanding fungal degradation
3. Secondary metabolites produced by wood decay fungi
4. Durability and protection technologies of wood products including cross laminated timber
5. Evaluating surface protectants for wood products.

Ohno, Katie M.; Bishell, Amy B.; Stanosz, Glen R. 2020. Gene Expression Analysis of Three Putative Copper-Transporting ATPases in Copper-Tolerant Fibroporia radiculosa. Frontiers in Microbiology. 11: 586940. Zelinka, Samuel L.; Jakes, Joseph E.; Tang, Juliet; Ohno, Katie; Bishell, Amy; Finney, Lydia; Maxey, Evan R.; Vogt, Stefan; Kirker, Grant T. 2018. Fungal–copper interactions in wood examined with large field of view synchrotron-based X-ray fluorescence microscopy. Wood Material Science and Engineering. 16(5): 1-11. Ohno, Katie M.; Kirker, Grant T.; Bishell, Amy B.; Clausen, Carol A. 2017. Untreated and copper-treated wood soaked in sodium oxalate: effects of decay by copper-tolerant and copper-sensitive fungi. In: The International Research Group on Wood Protection, Section 1, Biology: Paper prepared for the IRG48 Scientific Conference on Wood Protection. Ghent, Belgium. 1-11.
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D. Forestry, Forestry, 2019
  • Mississippi State University, Master Of Science, Forest Products, 2012
  • Mississippi State University, Bachelor Of Science, Biochemistry, 2009
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Other Publications
Research Highlights

Scientists Find the Achilles' Heel of Wood Fungi Tolerance to Preservatives

Year: 2012
Inhibiting the enzymatic pathway in copper tolerant brown rot fungi can block its tolerance of commercial wood preservatives