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Linda A. Joyce

Emeritus Scientist
Human Dimensions
240 West Prospect Road
Fort Collins, CO 80526
United States
Current Research

My current research projects include 1) extending climate and ecological output to assess the impacts of climate change in meaningful ways to assist land managers , 2) synthsis of adaptation theory and approaches for rangelands, 3) developing techniques to assess the vulnerability of ecosystems and natural resources at large spatial scales and institutional scales

Research Interest
Working with the climate change projections has raised questions about how to quantify the variability, not just in the climate projections, but also in the projections of the natural resource models that use those climate projections. Understanding that future variability gives us a picture of potential risks related to future climate and climate extremes on forests and rangelands, such as the potential for increased or decreased fire, floods, changes in vegetation types and many other natural resource responses to a changing climate.
Why This Research Is Important

Natural resources on forest and rangelands in the United States are affected by disturbances such as wildfire, insects, disease, development by humans, and climate change. Quantifying these influences on natural resources provides information on the future condition of forest and rangelands. This information provides a scientific basis for consideration of the type of ecosystem services that current and future generations could manage for on forest and rangelands.

  • Grand Valley State College, B.S., Mathematics, 1972
  • Miami University, M.S., Environmental Science, 1974
  • Colorado State University, Ph.D., Range Ecology, 1981
Featured Publications
Other Publications
Research Highlights

Managing climate change risks in rangeland ecosystems

Year: 2017
Rangelands are ecologically diverse ecosystems in the drier parts of the United States, occupying around 25 percent of the United States land area. Rangelands provide a variety of ecosystem services, including wildlife habitat, clean water, and carbon sequestration. Rangelands also provide the oppor...

Climate change vulnerability in the northern and central Rocky Mountains: Issues relevant to resource management

Year: 2018
In the face of climate change, vulnerability assessments are important tools to support climate change adaptation planning and Forest Plan Revision. Ecosystems can be sensitive to warming conditions, putting flora and fauna diversity at risk and creating new management and adaptation challenges. Rec...