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Luanne Lohr

Luanne Lohr
National Program Lead, Economics
Landscape Restoration & Ecosystem Services Research
201 14th Street SW, 3SE
Washington, DC 20250
United States
Current Research

Using market incentives to obtain desired ecosystem results is a focus of my previous and current work. I am particularly interested in risk-adjusted return on investment for forest restoration, optimal timing of restoration activities, and integrated management for tangible and intangible outputs. Recognizing and quantifying tradeoffs of policy and economic objectives for natural resource management is a key function of economic analysis.

Research Interest

Market and Price Analysis, Supply Chains, Certification, Ecosystem Service Valuation

Why This Research Is Important

Research on the tradeoffs associated with restoration choices informs natural resources policy and land management decisions and can anticipate emerging natural resource issues when integrated with climate change and its effects. As a practical matter, it is not often possible to have a "win-win" situation that optimizes all the desired results of a project or policy. Identifying, describing, and quantifying the tradeoffs over space, time, and markets provide valuable support for informed decisionmaking.

  • University of California - Davis, Ph.D., Agroforestry, Econometrics, Natural Resource Economics, Marketing, 1989
  • University of California - Davis, M.S., Natural Resource Economics, Production Economics, Public Policy, 1985
  • University of Kentucky, B.S., Agronomy - soils, Strip mine reclamation, 1981
  • University of Kentucky, B.A., Economics, 1981
Professional Experience
  • Associate Deputy Administrator,  USDA Agricultural Marketing Service - Transportation and Marketing Program,  2012 - 2014
  • Senior Economist,  USDA Economic Research Service - Markets and Trade Economics Division,  2009 - 2012
  • Faculty (Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor),  University of Georgia - Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics,  1993 - 2009
  • Endowed Chair in Sustainable Agriculture,  University of Minnesota - Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture,  2001 - 2002
  • Adjunct Faculty,  University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Department of Agricultural Economics,  1992 - 1993
  • Faculty (Assistant Professor and Natural Resources Policy Extension Specialist),  Michigan State University - Department of Agricultural Economics,  1989 - 1992
  • Post-Graduate Researcher in Agroforestry,  California Department of Food and Agriculture,  1988 - 1989
  • Environmental Economist ,  Envirosphere Company,  1987 - 1988
  • Environmental Economist,  Research Triangle Institute ,  1984 - 1985
  • Laboratory Technician,  University of Kentucky - Department of Agronomy,  1980 - 1982
Professional Organizations
  • Member,  Association of Environmental and Resource Economists,  2014 - Current
  • Member,  Agricultural and Applied Economics Association,  1989 - Current
Other Publications
  • Frey, Gregory E.; Blatner, Keith A.; Jacobson, Michael G.; Starbuck Downes, C. Meghan; Sills, Erin O.; Mercer, D. Evan; Alexander, Susan J.; Chamberlain, James L.; Gold, Michael A.; Godsey, Larry D.; Emery, Marla R.; Coffin, Alisa W.; Barlow, Rebecca J.; Lohr, Luanne. 2018. Economics of nontimber forest products.