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Mark Mankowski, E.

Research Entomologist
Durability and Wood Protection Research
Starkville, MS
United States
Other Publications
Research Highlights

Effects of Diet on Brood Development in the Carpenter Ant

Year: 2015
A Forest Service scientist fed carpenter ants an artificial diet, and variations of this diet, with nutrient components removed to examine the effects on brood development. The potential B vitamin and sterol contribution of a yeast found associated with the ants was the overall reason for this stud...

Effective utilization of naturally durable wood biomass offers an overlooked source of potential wood protectants

Year: 2017
Forest Service researchers at the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisc., are evaluating extractives as potential next-generation wood preservatives. This bio-rational approach offers environmentally friendly alternatives to wood preservatives and provides a utilization platform for underutili...

Guide for Selection and Use of Pressure-Treated Wood

Year: 2020
This report describes and provides guidance for selection and use of pressure-treated wood for specific applications.

USFS Termiticide Report for 2014

Year: 2015
The most recent efficacy data for termiticides currently on the market were reported as part of the USDA Forest Service Termiticide Testing Program. This report allows consumers and applicators nationwide to examine the relative performance of these products in small-scale field tests. The informa...

Going Big with Mass Timber Protection

Year: 2019
USDA Forest Service researchers are leading efforts to better understand mass timber as a next generation building material and provide safe effective protection strategies to ensure public safety and responsible forest stewardship.