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Mee-Sook Kim

Mee-Sook Kim
Research Plant Pathologist
Threat Characterization and Management
3200 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331-8550
United States
Current Research

My research focuses on the DNA-based diagnostics and characterization of endemic, invasive, and emerging forest pathogens, using genetic tools to develop novel approaches for managing forest disease, and assessing future threats posed by forest pathogens under climate change.  

Past Research

I have conducted research on pathogen and host genetics of several forest diseases, including Armillaria root disease, white pine blister rust, Fusarium root rot, and Korean oak wilt.

Research Interest
  • DNA-based detection and identification of forest pathogens
  • Population genetics/genomics of forest pathogens and host trees
  • Prediction of forest pathogens under changing climate scenarios
  • Soil metagenomics associated with various disturbances
  • Development of tools to manage forest disease
Why This Research Is Important

Forest diseases caused by endemic and invasive pathogens are a great threat to growth, sustainability, and resilience of diverse forest ecosystems in the USA and other global regions. Information about the disease diagnostics, genetic structure of pathogen populations, migratory routes, and sources of introductions is needed for managing and mitigating impacts of disease. The science-based information generated from this research will provide recommendations and guidelines to policy makers, resources managers, and the public to help their decision-making processes, with the general goal of promoting healthy forests.  

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Ph.D., Plant Pathology, 1999
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln, M.S., Forest Biology, 1995
  • Korea University, M.A., Forest Genetics and Ecology, 1993
  • Kookmin University, B.A., Forestry, 1991
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