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Patricia K. Lebow

Patricia K. Lebow
Mathematical Statistician
Statistics, Life Cycle Analysis, and Economics Research
One Gifford Pinchot Drive
Madison, WI 53726
United States
Current Research
The primary goal of research efforts are to enhance FPL research by 1) at the planning stages of studies by defining and translating study objectives into research hypotheses and describing research approaches from a statistical point of view; 2) by formulating and conducting needed statistical research to resolve complexities and to address consequences of assumptions; 3) by addressing and/or modifying experimental plans as research progresses; and 4) by reporting research results in an understandable and technically correct way to help with the dissemination of research and technology transfer.Current collaborative research involves statistical modeling to increase the understanding of wood degradation and decomposition rates when wood is exposed in complex environments. Other efforts include software development to better characterize the supply of forest-based biomass and its potential contribution to production of bioenergy and biofuels.
Research Interest
  • Statistical consultation/collaboration in various areas of wood utilization research, statistical/mathematical modeling, design of experiments, exploratory data analysis
  • Oregon State University, Ph.D., Statistics, 1992
  • Oregon State University, M.S., Operations Research, 1988
  • California State University, Chico, B.S., Computer Science (systems), Mathematics (statistics), 1986
Featured Publications
Other Publications
Research Highlights

Improving Accelerated Testing of Durable Wood Products

Year: 2010
Durable wood products such as posts, poles and timbers are expected to resist decay and termite attack for several decades. Testing the durability of new types of wood products is challenging because it is impractical to conduct tests for more than a small fraction of the expected service life.

Method for Estimating Wood Preservative Leaching

Year: 2019
Pressure-treated wood is used widely for construction projects in sensitive environments. This USDA Forest Service research project developed a method to estimate biocide leaching from pressure-treated wood exposed to precipitation.

Effective utilization of naturally durable wood biomass offers an overlooked source of potential wood protectants

Year: 2017
Forest Service researchers at the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisc., are evaluating extractives as potential next-generation wood preservatives. This bio-rational approach offers environmentally friendly alternatives to wood preservatives and provides a utilization platform for underutili...

Cellulose Nanocrystals Chemically Entrap Biocide in Wood

Year: 2015
Can cellulose nanomaterials play a role in the development of novel preservatives to protect wood products from biodeterioration?

Role of leaf litter in above ground wood decay

Year: 2020
FPL researchers in Wood Durability and Protection investigate the contributions of leaf litter accumulation to the decay of wood in above ground exposure.