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Robert M. Hubbard

Robert M. Hubbard
Research Ecologist
Air, Water and Aquatic Environments
240 West Prospect Road
Fort Collins, CO 80526
United States
Current Research

My research focuses on the ecophysiology of forest ecosystems and strives to increase our understanding of how forests respond to disturbance and the role plants play in regulating hydrologic processes. Current research examines how changes in species composition and forest structure alters stream flow in watersheds following mountain pine beetle attack. Other research aims to: quantify the physiological mechanisms that control forest productivity; understand how resource availability controls forest water use; define the role of physiological constraints on species abundance and distribution; and investigate the effects of climate change on ecosystem water and carbon cycling.

  • Colorado State University, M.S., Botany, 1991
  • Colorado State University, Ph.D., Forest Ecology, 2000
Featured Publications
Other Publications
Research Highlights

Still Standing: Snagfall the First Decade After Severe Bark Beetle Infestation

Year: 2020
Post-bark beetle outbreak snagfall dynamics create a multiple-decade legacy that will persist longer in high-elevation compared to lower-elevation forests. The persistence and fall rate of snags (standing dead trees) generated during bark beetle outbreaks have consequences for the behavior, effects,...