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Susan B. Adams

Susan B. Adams
Team Leader / Research Fisheries Biologist
Center for Bottomland Hardwoods Research
1000 Front Street
Oxford, MS 38655-4915
United States
662-234-2744 x267
Current Research

I conduct research on the biology and community ecology of native, warmwater fishes and crayfishes at various spatial and temporal scales. Research is directed toward understanding mechanisms contributing to the structure of aquatic communities, quantifying the effects of disturbance on aquatic systems, and improving knowledge about the taxonomy, distribution, and life history of crayfishes. Much of my current work focuses on how press (e.g., stream warming, dams, land use changes) and pulse (e.g., major storms) disturbances influence communities. I am also involved in long-term research on sculpin distributions and their changes with stream warming in streams of western Montana.

Past Research

Past research has included:

-Habitat correlates of bull trout in Idaho streams

-Mechanisms of invasion by brook trout in Montana and Idaho

-Movements by sculpin, Rocky Mountain tailed frogs, and boreal toads in western streams

-Life history, habitat use, diet, and population genetics of Alabama shad

-Seasonal and interannual variation in warmwater fish assemblages

-Phylogenetics of crayfishes in the Trisellescens subgenus of the genus Orconectes

-Effects of anthropological disturbances on crayfishes

-Life history and phylogenetics of crayfishes

  • The University of Montana, Missoula, Ph.D., Organismal Biology and Ecology, 1999
  • University of Idaho, Moscow, M.S., Fisheries Resources, 1994
  • Carleton College, Northfield, MN, B.A., Biology, 1986
Professional Organizations
  • Member Of Graduate School,  University of Alabama,  2012 - Current
  • Editorial Board,  Freshwater Crayfish, Journal of the International Assoc. of Astacology,  2010 - Current
  • Member,  Society of Freshwater Science,  2010 - Current
  • Member And Past-President,  International Association of Astacology,  2004 - Current
  • Adjunct Faculty,  University of Mississippi,  2001 - Current
  • Member,  American Fisheries Society,  1991 - Current
  • Graduate School Affiliate,  Louisiana State University,  2012 - 2016
  • Adjunct Faculty,  University of Southern Mississippi,  2002 - 2013
Awards & Recognition
  • Outstanding Professional Presentation Award, 2018
    For Adams (presenter) and Hereford: "Burning down the house: effects of prescribed burning and mechanical vegetation treatments on primary burrowing crayfish densities" presented at the 22nd International Assoc. of Astacology meeting, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Outstanding Student Presentation Award, 2018
    For Z. Barnett (presenter) et al. "Detectable Effects of Impoundments on the Genetic Structure of Crayfish (Faxonius spp.) in Alabama 43 Years After Dam Closure" presented at the 22nd International Assoc. of Astacology meeting, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Runner-Up Award for Best Oral Presentation in Applied Research, 2018
    For Barnett, Z.C. (presenter), S.B. Adams, and C.A. Ochs. 2018. Environmental impacts to crayfish and fish populations in impounded and unimpounded streams in Alabama. Society for Freshwater Science annual meeting. May 21-24. Detroit, MI.
  • 2018 Jim Sedell Excellence in Research Award, 2018
    National FS award as part of the Rise to the Future program. Honors outstanding contributions in aquatic research.
  • Outstanding Scientific Accomplishment Award, 2015
    Awarded by the USFS Southern Research Station Director as part of the Inspiring Women Awards Program.
  • USDA Certificate of Merit, 2011
    for valuable contributions to the Climate Change Resource Center
  • Southern Research Station Civil Rights Committee Award , 2010
    For establishing a community garden in Oxford, MS.
  • Best Professional Paper Award, 2009
    For D.A Schmetterling (presenter) et al.: "Climate change mediates the spatial partitioning of sculpin and longnose dace leading to trophic cascades in riverine ecosystems of western Montana" presented at the Montana Chapter American Fisheries meeting.
  • Rise to the Future, Professional Excellence in Research Award, 2006
    A national FS award recognizing outstanding research accomplishments by a FS aquatic scientist.
  • US Forest Service Southern Research Station Director’s Award , 2004
    Awarded to the to the Aquatic and Terrestrial Fauna Team for Maintaining and Enhancing the Nation’s Natural Resources.
  • Best Student Paper Award, 1997
    for research presented at the Montana Chapter American Fisheries Society annual meeting
Featured Publications
Other Publications
Citations of Non-Forest Service Publications
  • Elkins, D.C., et al. 2016. The southeastern aquatic biodiversity conservation strategy. Final report. Athens, GA, University of Georgia River Basin Center: 237 pages. (Adams served on the project advisory board and contributed data and expertise to the project)

Research Highlights

Global Conservation Status of Freshwater Crayfish

Year: 2015
The southeastern U.S. is a major hotspot of freshwater crayfish diversity, says a new global assessment of crayfish conservation status. The report also finds that a fifth of North American crayfish species (and almost a third of the world's species) are threatened with extinction. The study found t...