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Sean P. Healey

Research Ecologist
Inventory and Monitoring
507 25th Street
Ogden, UT 84401
United States
Current Research

I am leading a team to develop a forest carbon management support tool called ForCaMF (Forest Carbon Management Framework). This system depends upon inventory (FIA) data, satellite imagery, timber output records, and the Forest Vegetation Simulator, all of which are available consistently over time throughout the conterminous US.

Past Research

Forests partially mitigate human greenhouse gas emissions as trees sequester carbon through photosynthesis. Our work is a tangible step toward allowing forest managers to consider carbon storage as one of a number of resources that can be managed for. Documentation of forest management's carbon benefits in the context of natural disturbance regimes will be important in any carbon market as well as demonstrating global benefits derived from public forests.

Research Interest
  1. Assessment of the role of disturbance and management on carbon storage at management-relevant scales.
  2. Combination of remote sensing, especially Landsat time series, with inventory data to create meaningful spatial data products.
  3. International monitoring issues.
Why This Research Is Important
  1. Disturbance mapping in many parts of the country using Landsat time series.
  2. Effect of disturbance upon older forests at the regional level (PNW).
  3. Mapping forest conditions over time.
  • New College of Florida, B.A., Biology, 1992
  • Columbia, M.A., Science Education, 1998
  • University of Washington, Ph.D., Silviculture and Forest Protection, 2002
Featured Publications
Other Publications
Research Highlights

Root Disease Quietly Holds Back Forest Carbon Storage

Year: 2016
Dramatic disturbances such as wildfires and harvests command attention, but subtler processes such as root disease can be equally important in determining how much greenhouse gas a forest takes out of the atmosphere.

Visualizing carbon storage of harvested and burned forests

Year: 2011
New research at the Rocky Mountain Research Station has developed a process to visualize how harvested and burned stands contribute to overall carbon storage over different time scales.

Scientists Study the Effects of Management and Natural Disturbance on Carbon Storage in National Forests and Rangelands

Year: 2013
Researchers combined satellite-based maps with Forest Inventory and Analyses (FIA) plot data and other resources to develop the Forest Carbon Management Framework. The framework measures the relative impact of disturbance and management patterns on carbon storage, providing important context as for...

National Estimates of China’s Forests Become More Consistent and Precise, Thanks to Forest Service Scientists

Year: 2015
Scientist helps the Chinese National Forest Inventory document methods and conclusions of China's efforts to understand its own forests.