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Suzanne M. Owen

Suzanne M. Owen
Natural Resources Specialist
Resource Monitoring and Assessment
620 SW Main, Suite 502
Portland, OR 97205-3028
United States
Past Research
  • Disturbance and land management effects on ecosystem processes
  • Native and exotic plant, and microbial response to wildfires and fuel treatments
  • Spatial patterns of post-fire regeneration

Pre Forest Service

Neal, S.M. (2007) Tree thinning treatments alter soil properties, arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and plant communities. M.S. Thesis, Northern Arizona University.

Christie, Kyle; Currie, Michael; Davis, Laura Smith; Hill, Mar-Elise; Neal, Suzanne; Ayers, Tina. 2006. Vascular Plants of Arizona: Rhamnaceae. CANOTIA. 2(1): 23-46.

  • Northern Arizona University, Ph.D., Forest Science, 2019
  • Northern Arizona University, M.S., Biology, 2007
  • Northern Arizona University, B.S., Botany and Chemistry, 2004
Professional Experience
  • Natural Resources Specialist,  USDA Pacific Northwest Research Station,  2019 - Current
  • Chemist,  USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station,  2010 - Current
  • Research Specialist,  Northern Arizona University,  2007 - 2010
  • Graduate Research Assistant,  Northern Arizona University,  2004 - 2007
  • Biological Science Technician,  USDA Rocky Mountain Research Station,  2002 - 2005
Featured Publications
Citations of Non-Forest Service Publications
Research Highlights

Spatial patterns of ponderosa pine regeneration in high-severity burn patches

Year: 2017
Over the past three decades, wildfires in Southwestern United States ponderosa pine forests have increased in size and severity, leaving large patches of tree mortality. Ponderosa pine evolved under fire regimes dominated by low- to moderate-severity wildfires, and they are poorly adapted to regener...