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Steven T. Overby

Steven T. Overby
Soil Scientist
Forest and Woodland Ecosystems
2500 South Pine Knoll Drive
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
United States
Current Research

My current research interests involve response of microbial community to temperature changes along an latitudinal gradient in alpine and subalpine ecosystems of the Southern Rocky Mountains and Sky Islands of the Southwest. I am also studying response of microbial community to fuels/fire risk reduction treatments and wildfire, and the associated processes that are microbially mediated such as N mineralization, decomposition, and carbon sequestration.

Past Research

Soil nutrient and microbial responses to tree densities as modified by mechanical thinning and/or prescribed fire in ponderosa pine and woodland ecosystems.

Research Interest
My research interests include microbial community dynamics, nutrient cycling in soils, and disturbance affects on nutrient cycling.
Why This Research Is Important

Alpine and high altitude spruce ecosystems may experience shifts due to temperature increases with global climate change earlier than other ecosystems.

  • Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Ph.D., Ecosystem Science, School of Forestry, 2009
  • Arizona State University, Tempe, M.S., Environmental Sciences, 1994
  • Colorado State University, Fort Collins, B.S., Range Science, 1983
Professional Experience
  • Professional Soil Scientist,  USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station,  1984 - Current
    I have managed the chemical analytical laboratory at RMRS Tempe and Flagstaff Laboratories that perform water, vegetation, litter, and soil inorganic and organic analysis.
Professional Organizations
  • Member,  Soil Ecology Society,  2002 - Current
  • Member,  Ecological Society of America,  2000 - Current
  • Member,  Soil Science Society of America,  1987 - Current
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