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Steven J. Seybold

Former Employee
Ecosystem Function and Health Program
1731 Research Park Drive
Davis, CA 95618
United States
Current Research
Seybold is a research entomologist who specializes in the study of bark and wood-boring beetles. He and his colleagues are characterizing the invasive bark beetle and woodborer fauna of California and other Western U.S. States. The discoveries and descriptions of the life histories and behaviors of these insects are an important first step to understanding their pest status in U.S. forests. Seybold and colleagues also were the first to isolate specific genes from bark beetles that the insects use to detoxify defense chemicals released by trees under attack. The isolation of these genes provides a site for the next generation of bark beetle control tools.
Research Interest
In the future, Seybold plans to explore issues of drought and bark beetle-caused tree mortality, bark beetle and woodborer invasions of California's national forests, and new threats to native oaks and walnuts.
Professional Organizations
  • Member,  Entomological Society of America,  Current
  • Member,  Entomological Society of Canada,  Current
  • Member,  International Society of Chemical Ecology,  Current
Other Publications