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Stan Lebow

Stan Lebow
Durability and Wood Protection Research
One Gifford Pinchot Drive
Madison, WI 53726
United States
Research Interest
  • Accelerated methods for predicting performance of durable wood products
  • Evaluating and minimizing environmental impacts of preservative treated wood
  • Methods of applying preservatives to wood
  • New approaches to wood protection
  • Oregon State University, Ph.D., Forest Products, 1992
  • Oregon State University, M.S., Forest Products, 1986
  • Oregon State University, B.S., Forest Products, 1983
Professional Organizations
  • Member,  American Wood Protection Association,  Current
  • Member,  Forest Products Society (FPS),  Current
  • Member,  Society of Wood Science and Technology (SWST),  Current
  • Member,  International Research Group on Wood Protection,  Current
Featured Publications
Other Publications
Research Highlights

New Guide Advises Treatments and Technologies To Protect Historic Wooden Bridges

Year: 2012
Forest Service and university researchers collaborate to evaluate methods of protecting wooden bridges from fire and biodegradation.

Improving Accelerated Testing of Durable Wood Products

Year: 2010
Durable wood products such as posts, poles and timbers are expected to resist decay and termite attack for several decades. Testing the durability of new types of wood products is challenging because it is impractical to conduct tests for more than a small fraction of the expected service life.

Method for Estimating Wood Preservative Leaching

Year: 2019
Pressure-treated wood is used widely for construction projects in sensitive environments. This USDA Forest Service research project developed a method to estimate biocide leaching from pressure-treated wood exposed to precipitation.

Going Big with Mass Timber Protection

Year: 2019
USDA Forest Service researchers are leading efforts to better understand mass timber as a next generation building material and provide safe effective protection strategies to ensure public safety and responsible forest stewardship.

Guide for Selection and Use of Pressure-Treated Wood

Year: 2020
This report describes and provides guidance for selection and use of pressure-treated wood for specific applications.

Role of leaf litter in above ground wood decay

Year: 2020
FPL researchers in Wood Durability and Protection investigate the contributions of leaf litter accumulation to the decay of wood in above ground exposure.

Durable wood product evaluations

Year: 2011
In an effort to reduce the amount of time required to obtain meaningful durability data for wood products, it has become widely accepted to use smaller specimens in field tests. Smaller specimens generally yield faster results but tests comparing small specimens with matched larger lumber specimens ...

Centennial Edition, Wood Handbook—Wood as an Engineering Material

Year: 2010
The Wood Handbook—Wood as an Engineering Material serves as a primary reference document for a wide variety of users-from the general public through architects and design engineers who use wood in highly engineered structures.