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Victor Biasotti, III

Victor Biasotti, III
Biological Scientist
Resource Monitoring and Assessment
631 Coyote St
Nevada City, CA 95959
United States
Current Research
I work as a field scientist for the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program at the Pacific Northwest (PNW) Research Station. As a member of the Data Collection Team, I measure the trees, vegetation, and other biophysical indicators to monitor how our forests are changing. We serve a vital role in providing policy makers, landowners, industry, investors, and land stewards high quality forest inventory information to improve decision making. FIA is a nationwide, long-term forest monitoring program that began with an act of Congress in 1928 (McSweeney-McNary Forest Research Act). Since that time, FIA has grown and adapted to meet changing needs, however its core mission has remained the same: to report on the status and trends of the Nation’s forest resources. FIA data and products are publicly available and published online ( ). FIA data are used for forest planning, non-native species monitoring, fire modeling, biomass availability studies,assessing fuels reduction strategies, carbon estimation, and growth, yield, and mortality monitoring across the landscape. The data collected on individual plots are pooled and summarized, protecting landowner privacy as mandated by the Food Security Act . We take landowner privacy seriously to preserve data integrity, and the relationship with our partners across the region who we depend upon to help tell the story of the nation’s forests.
  • University of Washington, Bachelor Of Science, Forest Resources, Environmental Science and Resource Management, 2005
Professional Experience
  • Biological Scientist,  USFS,  2016 - Current
    Crew leader of an FIA data collection field crew.
  • Forestry Technician,  USFS,  2010 - 2015
    Member of an FIA data collection field crew.