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Ever wonder how science knows what it knows? Mostly by thinking about observations made on the natural world, also known as data. The roots of our research and management decisions are in the data we collect and analyze.


The Research Data Archive is the primary data repository within Research & Development branch.  It offers a catalog of hundreds of research datasets funded by Forest Service Research and Development or by the Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP). Of special interest, our collection includes long-term datasets from a number of Forest Service Experimental Forests, Ranges, and Watersheds and Urban Field Stations

Short-term sharing of research data is important for the transparency and reproducibility of the research results our scientists publish in research papers. Preserving these data for long-term use is important to being able to re-use the data for multiple purposes.  In addition, the public’s ability to search, retrieve, and analyze both scientific publications and research data leverages Federal investments and provides new opportunities for scientific advancement and economic growth by scientists, entrepreneurs, educators, students, and the general public.

Forest Inventory and Analysis


The Enterprise Data Warehouse is the repository of geospatial and tabular USFS data that relates to the management of National Forests and Grasslands.  The data is current (as the data is refreshed regularly), trusted (the data is drawn from authoritative data sources, also known as systems of record), and standardized (the data has been approved as a USFS or generally-accepted data standard, e.g., reference datasets for State, County, and Congressional Districts). The EDW is also a technology platform that provides business intelligence tools for integrating data used for analysis and reporting, internal and external map services, and web services that make accessible, standard reference data that is consumed by agency applications. The EDW includes hundreds of datasets spanning dozens of dataset themes, as well as map services for authoritative agency data published and available to the public.