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Forest Inventory Data & Tools (FIA)

The USDA's Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program has been monitoring the Nation's public and private forests since 1930 and is often referred to the Nation's Forest Census. The stated mission of the FIA Program is to "make and keep current a comprehensive inventory and analysis of the present and prospective conditions of and requirements for the renewable resources of the forest and rangelands of the US."

The long history of scientifically credible FIA data provides critical status and trend information to resource managers, policy makers, investors, and the public through a system of annual resource inventory that covers both public and private forest lands across the United States.

Forest Inventory and Analysis Data and Tools

Data/Tool Name Description
DATIM The Design and Analysis Toolkit for Inventory and Monitoring (DATIM) provides four modules: an analysis tool for inventory and monitoring (ATIM) used for creating tables; a spatial intersection tool (SIT); a design tool for inventory and monitoring plans (DTIM); and a data compilation system (DCS) to add FVS attributes to DATIM datasets.
FIA Data by State The Recent FIA Data by State allows visitors to view a map of the most recent dataset collected for each state.
FIA One-Click Factsheets The Forest Inventory and Analysis program provides a brief overview of forest resouces in each state based on an inventory conducted by the FIA program in cooperation with state forestry agencies.
EVALIDator EVALIDator allows users to produce a large variety of population estimates and their sampling errors based on the current FIA database. **FIA is working on a replacement for this product**
FIA DataMart FIA DataMart allows visitors to download raw data files, standard tables, SQLite databases, and a desktop EVALIDator reporting tool. DataMart also provides access to the FIA State reports, FIADB load history, API EVALIDator, and FIADB User Guides.
Urban DataMart The Urban DataMart allows visitors to download raw urban data, as well as Urban FIADB User Guides.
My City's Trees The My City's Trees application enables anyone to access Urban FIA data and produce custom analyses and reports. Currently, My City's Trees includes information for all targeted cities with a complete certified dataset.
Batch Reports Batch Reports is a workbook that allows visitors to produce multiple reports with a single click of a button.
FIA Geospatial Showcase A showcase of FIA maps, tools, data and applications.