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Haag receives 2023 lifetime achievement award

Wendell Haag accepts lifetime achievment award
Photo Credits
Courtesy photo by Teresa Newton, USGS.

SRS research fisheries biologist Wendell Haag accepts the 2023 Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society lifetime achievement award.

Wendell Haag received the Freshwater Mollusk Conservation Society Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 biennial symposium in Portland, Oregon in April. The international society advocates for freshwater mussels, North America’s most imperiled animals. 

Mussels are filter feeders and have a profound influence on aquatic ecosystem health. About 70% of the 300 native mussel species native to the U.S. are in danger of extinction.

The award is given every two years for contributions that have advanced the science and conservation of freshwater mollusks. Haag is best known for his 2012 book, North American freshwater mussels: Natural history, ecology, and conservation. Haag's current research focuses on causes of enigmatic mussel decline. He has also published key papers on mussel life histories, mussel propagation and restoration, and many other topics. 

Some of Haag's freshwater mussel publications: