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What We Know--and Don't Know--About Water Quality at Stream Crossings

Informally Refereed
Authors: Steven E. Taylor, Robert B. Rummer, Kyung H. Yoo, Richard A. Welch, Jason D. Thompson
Year: 1999
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Journal of Forestry, Vol. 97, No. 8,August 1999, pgs. 12-17


Forest road stream crossings including fords, culverts, and bridges, are primary contributors of sediment to forest streams. Information on the water quality impacts form each type for crossings is limited, but the available literature indicates that signicifacent amounts of sediment are produced during installation fo fords and culverts; construction and use of termporary bridges have the least impact on water quality. This review of our current state of knowlsedge of water qality impacts from crossings shows that we need data for a wide variety of stream sizes, soil types, terrain, and climatalogical conditions so that policymakers can develop scientifically sound best management practices.


Taylor, Steven E.; Rummer, Robert B.; Yoo, Kyung H.; Welch, Richard A.; Thompson, Jason D. 1999. What We Know--and Don''t Know--About Water Quality at Stream Crossings. Journal of Forestry, Vol. 97, No. 8,August 1999, pgs. 12-17