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Management of Wood Products Manufacturing Using Simulation/Animation

Informally Refereed
Authors: D. Earl Kline, J.K. Wiedenbeck, Philip A. Araman
Year: 1992
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Forest Products Journal. 42(2): 45-52.


Managers of hardwood processing facilities need timely information on which to base important decisions such as when to add costly equipment or how to improve profitability subject to time-varying demands. The overall purpose of this paper is to introduce a method that can effectively provide such timely information. A simulation/animation modeling procedure is described for hardwood products manufacturing systems. Object-oriented simulation modeling techniques are used to assist in identifying and solving problems. Animation is used to reduce the time for model development and for communication purposes such as illustrating ãhowä and ãwhyä a given solution can be effective. The application and utility of the simulation/animation method is illustrated using a furniture rough mill system characteristic of the eastern region of the United States.


Kline, D. Earl; Wiedenbeck, J.K.; Araman, Philip A. 1992. Management of Wood Products Manufacturing Using Simulation/Animation. Forest Products Journal. 42(2): 45-52.