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Longleaf Pine: Natural Regeneration and Management

Informally Refereed
Authors: William D. Boyer
Year: 1999
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Alabama's Treasured Forests, Fall 1999


Longleaf pine has long been recognized as a high-quality timber tree providing a number of valuable products. It is a versatile species with characteristics allowing the use of several silvicultural options. Both natural and artificial regeneration of longleaf pine are now practical management options. Natural regeneration is a lowcost alternative whenever sufficient seed trees are present. If not, then longleaf can be restored through planting. Risks of planting failure have been greatly reduced through use of container stock, especially on adverse sites. Longleaf's reputation as a slow grower may be more myth than reality. On many former longleaf sites, the growth of longleaf may equal or exceed that of loblolly or slash pine. This article reviews the important attributes of longleaf pine and options for management of this species.


Boyer, William D. 1999. Longleaf Pine: Natural Regeneration and Management. Alabama''s Treasured Forests, Fall 1999