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Mapping spatial patterns with morphological image processing

Informally Refereed
Authors: Peter Vogt, Kurt H. Riitters, Christine Estreguil, Jacek Kozak, Timothy G. Wade, James D. Wickham
Year: 2006
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Landscape Ecol., vol. 22: 171-177


We use morphological image processing for classifying spatial patterns at the pixel level on binary land-cover maps. Land-cover pattern is classified as 'perforated,' 'edge,' 'patch,' and 'core' with higher spatial precision and thematic accuracy compared to a previous approach based on image convolution, while retaining the capability to label these features at the pixel level for any scale of observation. The implementation of morphological image processing is explained and then demonstrated, with comparisons to results from image convolution, for a forest map of the Val Grande National Park in North Italy.


morphological image processing, spatial pattern, forest fragmentation


Vogt, Peter; Riitters, Kurt H.; Estreguil, Christine; Kozak, Jacek; Wade, Timothy G.; Wickham, James D. 2006. Mapping spatial patterns with morphological image processing. Landscape Ecol., vol. 22: 171-177