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Mapping landscape corridors

Informally Refereed
Authors: Peter Vogt, Kurt H. Riitters, Marcin Iwanowski, Christine Estreguil, Jacek Kozak, Pierre Soille
Year: 2007
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Ecological Indicators, Vol. 7: 481-488


Corridors are important geographic features for biological conservation and biodiversity assessment. The identification and mapping of corridors is usually based on visual interpretations of movement patterns (functional corridors) or habitat maps (structural corridors). We present a method for automated corridor mapping with morphological image processing, and demonstrate the approach with a forest map derived from satellite imagery of northern Slovakia.We show how the approach can be used to differentiate between relatively narrow ('line') and wide ('strip') structural corridors by mapping corridors at multiple scales of observation, and indicate how to map functional corridors with maps of observed or simulated organism movement. An application to environmental reporting is demonstrated by assessing structural forest corridors in relation to forest types in northern Slovakia.


Corridors, forest fragmentation, spatial pattern, Morphological image processing


Vogt, Peter; Riitters, Kurt H.; Iwanowski, Marcin; Estreguil, Christine; Kozak, Jacek; Soille, Pierre. 2007. Mapping landscape corridors. Ecological Indicators, Vol. 7: 481-488