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Forest restoration in landscapes: beyond planting trees

Informally Refereed
Authors: Don C. Bragg
Year: 2007
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Landscape Ecol., Vol. 22:477-479


Global-scale climate change, a burgeoning human population, and the rapid expansion of the world’s economy have all placed incredible pressures on environmental systems to sustain their production of goods and services. Furthermore, our developable frontiers have virtually run out—we must learn to make due with the landscapes we have already exploited. To aid in this endeavor, the Worldwide Fund for Nature, a.k.a. the World Wildlife Fund, or "WWF" has recently initiated a program of large-scale forested landscape restoration in both developing and developed countries. Forest Restoration in Landscapes is a compilation of WWF experiences in the establishment, maintenance, and evaluation of these efforts. The stated goal of this work is to "...synthesise in an easily accessible format the knowledge and expertise that exists and also to highlight areas that need further work."—no small task, indeed.


Bragg, Don C. 2007. Forest restoration in landscapes: beyond planting trees. Landscape Ecol., Vol. 22:477-479