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Modified precision-husky progrind H-3045 for chipping biomass

Informally Refereed
Authors: Dana Mitchell, Fernando Seixas, John Klepac
Year: 2008
Type: Scientific Journal (JRNL)
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Forest Operations Review, Vol. 10(4): 1-5


A specific size of whole tree chip was needed to co-mill wood chips with coal. The specifications are stringent because chips must be mixed with coal, as opposed to a co-firing process. In co-firing, two raw products are conveyed separately to a boiler. In co-milling, such as at Alabama Power's Plant Gadsden, the chip and coal mix must pass through a series of conveyors, a pulverizer, and pipes to the furnace. Handling specifications require smooth cut edges, as opposed to shredded edges. In a partnership involving several entities, including the National Forests in Alabama, Alabama Power Company, Forest-Based Economic Development Services, Precision- Husky, the USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station, and others, a trial was conducted to determine if wood chips could be created in a one-step in-woods process that would meet the stringent requirements of the power plant. Precision-Husky, of Leeds, Alabama, volunteered to work with the partnership to manufacture a machine that would create the chips to the stringent specifications needed.


Mitchell, Dana; Seixas, Fernando; Klepac, John. 2008. Modified precision-husky progrind H-3045 for chipping biomass. Forest Operations Review, Vol. 10(4): 1-5