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Adapting to climate change in United States national forests

Informally Refereed
Authors: G. M. Blate, L. A. Joyce, J. S. Littell, S. G. McNulty, C. I. Millar, S. C. Moser, R. P. Neilson, K. O’Halloran, D. L. Peterson
Year: 2009
Type: Miscellaneous Publication
Station: Rocky Mountain Research Station
Source: Unasylva 231/232. 60(1-2): 57-62.


Climate change is already affecting forests and other ecosystems, and additional, potentially more severe impacts are expected (IPCC, 2007; CCSP, 2008a, 2008b). As a result, forest managers are seeking practical guidance on how to adapt their current practices and, if necessary, their goals. Adaptations of forest ecosystems, which in this context refer to adjustments in management (as opposed to "natural" adaptation), ideally would reduce the negative impacts of climate change and help managers take advantage of any positive impacts.


climate change, national forests, forest ecosystems, adaptations


Blate, G. M.; Joyce, L. A.; Littell, J. S.; McNulty, S. G.; Millar, C. I.; Moser, S. C.; Neilson, R. P.; O Halloran, K.; Peterson, D. L. 2009. Adapting to climate change in United States national forests. Unasylva 231/232. 60(1-2): 57-62.