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Gainesville's urban forest canopy cover

Formally Refereed
Authors: Francisco Escobedo, Jennifer A. Seitz, Wayne Zipperer
Year: 2009
Type: Scientific Journal
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: University of Florida-IFAS, EDIS FOR 215.


Ecosystem benefits from trees are linked directly to the amount of healthy urban forest canopy cover. Urban forest cover is dynamic and changes over time due to factors such as urban development, windstorms, tree removals, and growth. The amount of a city's canopy cover depends on its land use, climate, and people's preferences. This fact sheet examines how tree cover changes over time, how tree composition and location influence urban forest canopy and leaf area, and how tree and ground surface covers vary across Gainesville.


Escobedo, Francisco; Seitz, Jennifer A.; Zipperer, Wayn. 2009. Gainesville s urban forest canopy cover. University of Florida-IFAS, EDIS FOR 215.