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Regina rigida (glossy crayfish snake)

Formally Refereed
Authors: David A. Steen, James A. Stiles, Sierra H. Stiles, Craig Guyer, Josh B. Pierce, D. Craig Rudolph, Lora L. Smith
Year: 2011
Type: Scientific Journal (JRNL)
Station: Southern Research Station
Source: Herpetological Review 42(1):102


The overland movements and upland habitat use of wetland-associated reptiles has important conservation implications (Semlitsch and Bodie 2003. Conserv. BioI. 17:1219-1228). However, for many species, particularly snakes, we lack a basic understanding of spatial ecology and habitat use. Regina rigida is a poorly known species for which "observations of any kind would be of considerable value in understanding its biology" (Gibbons and Dorcas 2004. North American Watersnakes: A Natural History. Univ. Oklahoma Press, Norman. 438 pp.). Regina rigida is a highly aquatic species and although sporadic reports exist of the snake found in habitats considered uplands, specific reports regarding distance to the nearest body of water are lacking.


glossy crayfish snake, Regina rigida, terrestrial movement


Steen, David A.; Stiles, James A.; Stiles, Sierra H.; Guyer, Craig; Pierce, Josh B.; Rudolph, D. Craig; Smith, Lora L. 2011. Regina rigida (glossy crayfish snake). Terrestrial movement . Herpetological Review 42(1):102.